Me Numinoksella haluamme voimaannuttaa, kannustaa ja innostaa yrityksiä arvostamaan kulttuurien ainutlaatuisuutta. Luottamus on yksi tärkeimmistä arvoistamme, jonka vuoksi haluamme kertoa asiakkaidemme sanoin, mitä mieltä he ovat olleet koulutuksistamme. Tässä niistä muutama!

Startup Refugees Network testimonial

Tanja hosted an energetic workshop for Startup Refugees network’s mentors on Cultural Intelligence. Tanja shared valuable practical examples and tips to better understand how our and others' cultural background affects the way of communicating and behaving. The training was very useful for our multicultural community!

Mia Hyvärinen
Business Program Manager 
Startup Refugees


I am writing this mail to thank you for your time and patience with my 3 different groups of students from Ciudad Juarez and Zapopan Campuses of Tec Milenio University in Mexico. I am very grateful for the time it took you to share your experiences and knowledge with my students.

You hosted energetic sessions with our students who are taking Global Culture subject at Tec Milenio University in Mexico. You shared valuable practical examples and tips to better understand cultural backgrounds affect the way we communicate. The sessions were very useful for our students who are taking this course to have a better understanding of the cultures around the world.

Erdem Uzun
Master of Education

Tec Milenio University, Zapopan Campus, Jalisco, Mexico

Tanja Saarinen and Sergio Chavez, I am very grateful for the time and effort it took you to share your experiences and knowledge with my students. I believe that your stories were certainly very timely and assertive to show us your insights into the Finnish culture; lifestyle, customs, traditions, habits, values and knowledge, such tools will help young people to develop a broad mindset to thrive for educational success and social coexistence. It was very interesting listening, even remotely, and experience how you have motivated the students to pursue their dreams. Thank you very much for sharing your time and experiences with us.

Conalep- El Colegio Nacional

Marisol Figueroa Tovar
Maesteria en Direccion Organizacional
Conalep- El Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica


Together with my colleagues of the Management Team and Leadership Team, we engaged in a process with Tanja to both understand our individual working and communication styles, and by putting the analyses together, understand how we work/could work better together. Tanja’s excellent moderating skills in the group sessions, as well as her engagement with the individual coaching sessions, made the overall process very fruitful, providing a clear and actionable road map to harvest our inner talents and cultivate our strengths on the personal and collective levels. Socrates, when asked to sum up all philosophical commandments, replied: ’’know Yourself’’. This was true then, and is still applicable today also in the management and leadership domain. Tanja’s services supported us in the journey to know ourselves, become better professionals and better leaders. I strongly recommend Tanja as a coach and workshop moderator, and the WSA analysis as a meaningful and relevant tool to explore one self.


Bruno Duréault
Director, Finance and Operations’ Support
Finn Church Aid

Thank you for teaching me and my peers the importance of wanting to get ahead, if you did, I will be able  to do it too.


Your experiences have motivated me to explore the world, I am about to finish high school, and the truth is I ever believed to leave my village.


Now that I see I have more opportunities, my plan is to continue studying and prepare for a better future.


Cuauhtémoc, Meksiko

Tanja is an excellent coach! She guided me through my WSA- analysis and I was so suprised how much I learned about myself. I realized how with small adjustments I gain so much more energy, for example listening to music while working. 

I highly recommend the WSA- analysis no matter if you are working or studying. Understanding your strenghs gives so much energy!

Emily Isla

Johdon assistentti

Helsinki, Suomi

Aivan mahtavaa! Olen vaikuttunut siitä kyvykkyydestä, miten olet jalostanut WSAn antaman informaation eri kulttuurien näkökulmista yksilöiden ja yhteisöjen supervoimaksi! Olemme saaneet työstäsi hienoa palautetta, miten työväline ja menetelmät edistävät toimintaa esimerkiksi Meksikossa. Barbaran kokemukset ympäri maailman jalostuvat sinun avullasi uusiin ulottuvuuksiin. Kiitos, kun olet mukava luomassa jotain todella vaikuttavaa ja ainutlaatuista! 

Anne Penttinen
Master Coach and Omistaja

Consultica Oy


Meillä on ollut upea mahdollisuus kouluttaa ja verkostoitua mahtavien yritysten, organisaatioiden ja ihmisten kanssa. Odotamme innolla, että pääsemme tutustumaan juuri sinuun!

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