What is Travel Empowerment?

One of the most important goals of travel empowerment is to prepare you for the journey so that you can get the most out of your trip.

The job of a travel empowerer is something between a travel agent and a life coach. While you get to plan your dream trip with someone who can give you great tips for your journey, you will learn to take advantage of your own strengths and utilize those during your travels.

Instead of starting the conversation with the question of where you want to travel, the travel empowerer asks what you would like to feel during your trip and why? One of the most important goals of travel empowerment is to prepare you for the journey so that you can get the most out of your trip.

One of the most empowering moments was on the top of the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

Is travel empowerment for me?

Travel empowerment and coaching are suitable for people who are planning a more demanding trip than normal or, for example, for those you have never been abroad. For example, Finnish culture already differs from Swedish culture in many ways, and touring Stockholm alone may sound daunting.

The purpose of coaching is to delve more closely into what is worrying you about traveling; whether you’re afraid that your language skills are insufficient, not being able to find a good hotel, or if you feel anxious to be alone. Many times during the trip, however, you will notice how you can get things sorted with the locals with the help of body language. You may also find out how relaxing it is to sit with a cup of coffee all by yourself in a cozy café in Paris and just watch people walking by.

Coaching will also help you choose the right destination if you are planning your first solo trip. During the discussions, we first go through what you would like to achieve during your trip; do you want to try your limits and go hiking, are you a passionate art lover and would like to tour museums or has work drained your energy and you would like something relaxing?

Once we know your goals, we will be able to build your journey from the ''normal'' perspective; what kind of trip you would prefer (beach vacation, city break, active vacation, etc.) and after that we will go through different options taking into account the season, budget and other requirements. During the coaching, we will also discuss practical things to consider when traveling. If you are in need of ideas, you can check out my post ''Who am I'' to find out different ways to travel.

Travel empowerment is also great for those who need support and advice when moving abroad. The confusion, fatigue, and even hopelessness culture shock can make you experience, make even the more experienced traveler exhausted. When you feel under the weather and you do not have a decent support network in your new hometown, coaching and empowerment will help you get back on your feet.

Cultural shock is normally experienced at different stages and when you are aware of these stages and are able to laugh at the weird habits of a new culture, you are able to enjoy a new stage of your life. I have been traveling a lot and experienced culture shock so trust me, it can happen to anyone!

Want to conquer the world? Read more about coaching packages here.

Accomplishing big dreams requires courage, so if you have doubts about anything, I am just one click away!

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